Ideally, enterprises would like to enjoy all desired properties of blockchain without compromising throughput and simplicity of implementation. With Cryptowerk they can.

What makes Cryptowerk so special?

Prior to Cryptowerk, there was no technology available that removes public blockchain’s inherent throughput/speed limitations and prohibitive transaction cost for enterprise-scale transaction volumes.

Unlike other cyber security vendors, Cryptowerk can deliver a combination of:

  • Tamperproofing high throughput data with any blockchain,
  • across a very large number of business partners/nodes,
  • with irrefutable regulatory audibility,
  • with minimal changes to existing infrastructure,
  • without requiring access to sensitive raw data,
  • at very competitive price points.

What makes blockchain so special?

Blockchain is a new technology that enables the storing of data in such a way that the stored data cannot be manipulated later.

Thus, blockchain-enabled distributed ledgers remove the need for central authorities to record and verify transactions. This enables signficant cost and latency savings.

However, applying blockchain on an enterprise scale with many nodes introduces major technical obstacles, most prominently throughput.

Does your business depend on trusted data?

Do you need to document compliance?

Do you want to save cost?

...then we should talk

Cryptowerk is testing the commercialization of its technology with corporate partners in the following verticals:

Financial & Insurance Industries

Industrial Internet of Things

Pharma Track & Trace

Global Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Who is Cryptowerk?

Cryptowerk is a Silicon Valley-based cyber security start-up headquartered in Redwood City, California.

We focus on applying advanced blockchain-based methods to provide full data integrity and auditability for mission critical, enterprise scale applications.

The team includes leading experts in IT, cryptography and business operations:

Dirk Kanngiesser, CEO

Co-founder, serial entrepreneur, venture capitalist, P&G brand management, Siemens engineering, Barings investments

Holger Assenmacher, PhD, CTO

Co-founder, affiliated Prof. UC Berkeley (Blockchain), serial entrepreneur, strong background in banking systems and cryptography

Peter Ebert, SVP BizDev

Serial entrepreneur, SAP Office of the CEO, SAP Corporate Consulting Team, Motorola Research Visionary Board

Michael Kelly, Head BizDev Financial Industry

Banker (CEO, General Manager Amex, Deutsche), venture capitalist, entrepreneur, privatization/restructuring