The Reality Crunch

Jenga showing the bs that existing businesses have to deal with...


Veracity, Scalability, Decentralized

Right now, you have to choose between high-veracity solutions, such as digital signatories and manual verification by privileged users, or scalable solutions like automated hashing on your own server.

While this is sufficient to prove that data is not tampered to a trusted party, it is insufficient for adversarial scenarios, like a courtroom.


Consequences of beach-head example
The consequences of fraud by 2030 will be catastrophic.

With the advent of new technologies, fraudsters will have more sophisticated tools at their disposal. They will be able to target businesses like yours, en masse.

And as more business processes become automated and data-driven, fraud and manipulation will become harder to detect.

↳ We need a better way to ensure data integrity.

Cryptowerk turns data into facts, at scale.

CryptoWerk's RealitySeal technology combines veracity, the immutability of multiple distributed ledgers, and an easy-to-use API which makes ultimate proof-of-truth possible for the first time, even in high volume scenarios.

Any data's origin, authenticity, and provenance are verifiable, even in court, without relying on an institution, signatory, or privileged user. RealitySeal is easy to integrate into existing data flows and processes via simple API calls.

Value props of RealitySeal

Now, you have

After RealitySeal
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